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Denise Gunderson

Denise Gunderson

    • Healing Waters Health Center
    • Stillwater, MN 55082
  • 651-430-2866

At Healing Waters Health Center, we specialize in getting to the root of the
problem, creating long lasting results.
Free 30-minute consultation to find out if we are a good fit for each other.
Questions or booking call 651-430-2866
We successfully treat emotional pain that is held and felt in the body.
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Anger issues
 Grief
Many physical conditions: (not limited to this list)
 Knees
 Migraines
 Shoulders
 Backs
 Hips
 Rashes
 Incontinence
 IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
 Bruising
 Headaches
 Post covid symptoms
We have great success with women’s issues
 Period pain

 Infertility
 Hot flashes
 Perimenopause issues
 Cramps
 Post menopause issues

We treat using AcuEnergetics® a modern treatment modality for the body and
mind, with a unique and effective treatment approach to treating illness. It works
with the bio-electrical system in the body. Just as we have nervous, organ and
skeletal systems we have an electrical system. We understand the electrical
system of the body.
It works by encouraging the body natural healing ability as it promotes faster,
natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health.
AcuEnergetics® is safe for all ages, infant to elderly.
Developed over the past 40 years by Australian, Kevin Niv Farrow.
How we are the same as other healing modalities.
 Move the body’s energy to promote healing
 It works
 Passionate about using energy healing to helping others
 Often, the last resort for clients to try, as they have exhausted many other
How AcuEnergetics® is different – what makes us standout?
 We treat the person holistically – (holistic to us means treating the whole
person, body, mind, and emotions as one, no separation of these 3
 Treating the person with the symptom, not the symptom of the person
 A comprehensive understanding of the body’s bio-electrical system
 We use the bio-electrical system to restore the flow which restores the
function of the body
 Self-care and awareness are critical for practitioners to care for others.
Through personal care practices, we prepare ourselves for our best life, this
allows and enables us to help others.

 We teach people who are curious, how to work on themselves and their
loved ones using energy.
 Empower students and clients for their own self-care.
 We train others the skills of AcuEnergetics® we are the only location in the
United States qualified to teach this.
 We love to empower people, not just treat them.

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