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Joni Polehna

Joni Polehna


  • Mind Body Spirit Integration
  • Stillwater, MN 55082
  • 651-592-6181


  *Are you ready to live mindfully and take action to create the life you want to live; think thoughts that serve your highest good, find the passion in your life, connect with positive people, focus on the opportunities that surround you, and apply your life lessons to move you forward?
  *Are you in pain?
*Do you have an illness or injury that causes pain?
*Are you anxiously facing surgery and healing?
*Do you have bothersome thoughts that you’d like removed?
*Do you have allergies that make you feel miserable?
*Do you have a child who’s having difficulty in school?Joni is a Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant/Educator with 30 years experience as a Recreation Therapist in Mental Health. She utilizes her knowledge of how our mind, body and spirit work together to assist clients in re-educating their systems.  New pathways of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are created with safe, simple and effective movement.  Movement is the door to optimal living and learning.
Release the thoughts, beliefs and worries that hold you back.  Reduce your stress, restore your balance and be at peace.  Infants, school-aged children, teens, adults and seniors all benefit from re-educating unhelpful and unhealthy thought/behavior patterns with patterns that support us and improve our lives.
Techniques employed:Brain Gym®,   EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping),Touch For Health, Reflex Integration (Masgutova Method)