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Michelle Caron

Michelle Caron

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  • Hudson, WI
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I began researching and using essential oils in 2014 to support my son with special needs. Danny has a rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome, and due to this suffers from a condition called Neutropenia, which results in a low white blood cell count.

Danny was chronically sick as a child, despite our best efforts. While we had always been into natural health, we became diligent about a real food and no gluten diet, and added in essential oils. I am happy to report the change in Danny’s health has been miraculous. He is rarely sick now, and has made many developmental milestones.

I believe that God created essential oils to help us heal ourselves. They truly are a gift, and I love using my voice to spread light, love and healing on earth. When you choose me to guide your journey with essential oils, it brings me joy. I will work with you until we find a protocol that is just right for you – and I truly love hearing how these magic oils change people’s lives!
5 More Reasons!
1. I am kind, and I LOVE helping people. 💗
2. I have developed many resources (I am also an English teacher), so you can learn in the way that works best for you/fits in your schedule. 📚
3. I will inspire you to live your best life! 😍
4. I am super organized, always on time and pride myself on getting back to people. ⏰
5. I am frugal, and can help you get the most bang for your buck. 💰