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Phyllis Jaworski

Phyllis Jaworski

  • Sacred Ibis Botanicals, LLC
  • Hudson, WI
  • 715-222-8914


“Herbal Solutions for Self Empowered Health”

We assist our clients in reaching their health care goals naturally by providing clinical consultations, preparing individually tailored handmade self care products, and instructing educational hands on classes.



Herbal Consultation

In a consultation, we educate clients on the centuries-old practice of herbal medicine. We suggest certain teas, tinctures, and other supplements that can assist one in becoming healthier with minimal side effects. Whether the goal is clear skin, better digestion, increased immunity, more energy or sound sleep, herbs remind the body of its ability to heal itself and become balanced.


Phyllis graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 2001 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Chemistry. After working in the diagnostic field for over 12 years, she changed course to stay home with her two children. During this time with her children, Phyllis developed a love for plants and an understanding of their benefits, which became her passion.

Sacred Ibis Botanicals was established in 2015 with an emphasis on hand-crafted personal care products that met Phyllis’ need for safe ingredients for herself and her children.

In 2019 Phyllis received her Master of Herbalism certification having studied under Gigi Stafne of Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine. Her 2,000 hours of study and training included clinical work, materia medica monographs, and a thesis paper focused on environmental radiation remediation. In 2019 she also completed the Environmental Health & Herbalism Certificate Program by the Women’s Environmental Institute and Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine.


“Phyllis is an extraordinarily knowledgeable, thorough and empathetic herbalist. She has a true desire to understand her client and help them in realizing their health care goals.” -Melissa S.

“Herbal Solutions for Self Empowered Health”