A network of holistic health care professionals
St. Croix Healing Practitioners

Code of Ethics

Our Vision

  • Broaden community understanding of Holistic Healing
  • Align reputable, licensed, holistic practitioners
  • Provide support, education and guidance for the community and members
  • Develop a professional relationship with medical providers

Membership Criteria

  • Fully credentialed in own field
  • Carry Liability insurance (if applicable)
  • Practice in the St. Croix Valley
  • Committed to mindful, healthful living

Code of Ethics

  • I agree to conduct myself with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • I agree to consciously work within my scope of practice
  • I agree to be a resource to other practitioners as well as my clients.
  • I agree to attend meetings regularly in an effort to build relationships with others in the group.
  • I understand that this group is run by volunteers and I agree to be an active volunteer for the success of the group.
  • I understand that I must follow the Code of Ethics and fulfill the Member Expectations and that the group retains the authority to terminate my membership if I am in violation of the either.

St. Croix Healing Practitioners enforces compliance of its code of ethics by way of its ethics committee.  To address a question or concern with the Code or Ethics contact any member of the Ethics Committee listed below.

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